All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small


In July 2019 we were approached by a locations scout named Alex asking if we would be interested in the pubs frontage being used for a new tv show later in the year. We thought that seemed like fun so said “yes”.


Little did we know that this would be the beginning of a HUGE adventure!


The Devonshire has been used in All Creatures Great and Small on Channel 5 since the show premiered in 2020. This is a remake of the beloved tv show based upon the “James Herriott” books by Alf Wight following a Scottish vet on his move to a sleepy Dales village; Darrowby. These books are available in The Stripey Badger Bookshop here in the village


Way back in Summer 2019 we did not know what the show would be so to find out that it was going to be a remake of All Creatures Great and Small was incredible – it also became the worst kept secret in the Dales!


The show from Playground Entertainment and Channel 5 was so well received worldwide that it has been commissioned for subsequent seasons and was reviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine upon it’s release in the US in early 2021. Read the review here


Being able to watch the whole process, how the buildings are dressed, what is “real” and what is a prop (ask us about the portico on the vets or the Post Box) was fascinating. We have photos from every stage from different seasons.


The cast and crew have used The Devonshire as their green rooms during filming and to stay as well as featuring on the show. Check out our wall of photos in our All Creatures Snug taken during the filming and have a sneaky look here in our gallery. Once seen, never forgotten!